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The Knight of Air

Written January 2015

At a writing workshop we had Erotic Tarot Cards as a writing prompt. It was my turn to choose and I chose the Knight of Air. In this deck depicted as a woman, naked below the waist, riding a horse.

Knight of Air Meaning:
Warrior, Courage, Valour, Authority, Strength. Gemini: affection, kindness, a good heart.

So I picked this card, a knight. Well that's what all girls want right? The knight upon his white horse. Though I find myself looking at this image to find that it's a woman? She is the knight. She is the warrior. She has the strength. And I picked that? I picked that. I picked that.

Images of Lady Godiva flash through my head and the rhyme of Banbury Cross, the lady upon her white horse, with bells on her fingers and bells on her toes and she will make music wherever she goes...

I want to sing, I want to ride naked through the land. I am the warrior.

In Korean a white horse is a white woman. To the ride the white horse - well you can guess that one... But in Shadow Yoga it is the stance of the warrior. The White Horse.

I am a white horse.
I am a warrior.
I am a woman.

I. Am. Strength.

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